It’s a Lockdown World…

Going from 100 miles an hour to zero is pretty tough and that’s how most of our lives have changed in the last eight weeks. For me, every Wedding, Christening, Confirmation and Communion order was cancelled or postponed. Dealing with very upset brides was the hardest part, but no matter what, everyone will have their day. We must look on the bright side and look forward to new plans and start a new countdown. The biggest blessing of it all was to spend all of my time with my children I have to say. It’s like the house was suddenly alive with music, voices, singing, homework, chores, sport and best of all, the family zoom quiz (reigning champion here by the way)!

We baked almost every day though, me and my two girls. Having an empty cake studio was a great added bonus too. Strawberry pavlova, profiteroles, meringues, baked alaska, rich chocolate cupcakes, honeycomb, oh and honeycomb ice cream too. Divine! My husband and son were well impressed daily. But besides the family life, I was keeping busy, helping to create my new website (yay it’s finally here) and to organise my Instagram account.

One exciting project for me though, was to be asked to illustrate a new children’s book. Not cake related, but there are cookies in the story haha! This book was created by the staff and residents in Cramers Court nursing home in Belgooly, Kinsale. Over a number of days, I took to drawing and painting inspired by the words in the story. And thanks to Teresa’s help from the care home, we put finally put it all together. The book of course, is for charity. The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind,  based in Cork (not gonna lie, I’m hoping to meet Roy Keane haha). It’s aimed at children specifically, and it’s a short story on their experiences starting school, vs. our elderly starting their first day in a nursing home. It’s all printed and ready to go which is very exciting. I have another one or two projects in the pipeline for more up and coming illustrations. Its has really brought me back to what I love; painting and drawing.

But, finally my little cake break has come to an end, as May 27th is my back to work date. I’m so looking forward to getting back to business and creating all of your orders. Most are ordering for small family occasions. Lots of little garden parties planned with loved ones. Isn’t it so nice, just to slow down and enjoy the simple things; sunshine, laughter and eating cake!

Chat soon,

Tracy xx